24 hours of prayer for Brum Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January

“The love of Christ Compels us” (2 Corinthians 5:14)

This is happening on Friday 20th January, 7am – 10pm; Saturday 21st January, 7am – 4pm

St Chad’s is known across the world as a beautiful building with a remarkable history and a rich heritage. But it is first and foremost a House of God. St Chad’s is the Mother Church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham which covers five counties. It is a place for worship and prayer, a place where we can meet God and offer him our praise and thanksgiving and bring him our needs and concerns.

I hope that you will capture something of the beauty and the love of God as you explore our web-site. Catholics believe that we all need God, and that we discover and know him through faith in his Son Jesus Christ. Jesus founded the Church so that his message of faith, hope and love could be passed on to every generation. Our mission at St Chad’s is to offer that message of faith to everyone.

God wants to touch your life and to help you achieve your full dignity as a human being. In other words, to become like Jesus the perfect man. I pray that all of us here at St Chad’s can help you in your journey of faith.

To view the timetable for the 24 hours of prayer,  Pray24Brum-running-order.