Sunday25th Sept: Twenty-Sixth in Ordinary Time

Amos 6:1,4_7, 1 Timothy 6:11_16, Luke 16:19_31

Susan Daily_26 Sunday
Picture by Susan Daily IBVM

There is a Jesuit, Greg Boyle, who has worked with gang members in Los Angeles for many years encourages us to step over the abyss and stand skin to skin next to each other.  He says no daylight should separate us, “only kinship – inching ourselves closer to creating a community of kinship such that God might recognize it.”

In today’s reading this is the kinship, community that Jesus is inviting us into.  Our world is too divided and often we isolate ourselves into Us and Them.

We are challenged to see Jesus in each other and to recognize the sacred humanity that we share with every other person. It can make listening to the news in a different way…

One of us was shot on the streets last night.  One of us did the shooting. One of us had our life changed by terrorism. Many of us were killed. A political candidate I strongly disagree with, is as beloved by God as I am.  One of us.

Today’s readings invite me to look at the chasms I create in my own life, the false boundaries between Us and Them.  Where do I fail to reach out to those who need me because of my own protectiveness of my time, my money or simply my own fears?  Are there people in my own life or maybe beyond my daily life that I am being asked to tend to, to feed or to forgive.

Based on reflection by Maureen McCann Waldron